New clan roster

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New clan roster

Post by Lowri on Tue Aug 17, 2010 6:56 am


|UGC|False|UGC| [falseeee] [On Leave]
|UGC|Godlike|UGC| [swegodlike]
|UGC|J4ck4L|UGC| [lowri] [Acting Overlord]


|UGC|Killtim|UGC| [Xfire] [Try Out]

|UGC|CO Supreme|UGC|

|UGC|S0ny|UGC| [Xfire] [Supervision]

|UGC|Head Owner|UGC|

|UGC|G-Not|UGC| [Xfire]

|UGC|New Member|UGC|

|UGC|Fox|UGC| [xfire]
|UGC|Sn!per|UGC| [xfire]
|UGC|Sharity|UGC| [xfire]
|UGC|Chris|UGC| [chris77896]

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