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Limit on FBI

Post by Lowri on Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:55 pm

Selene posted this on the FBI forum in regards to what happened earlier in the server:

This message comes from the overlord which is taking my place in ugc:

Not a moment ago three FBI members were in ugc server.
Two of them were breaking the rules and noob calling, it all started when vampire got a splat for breaking our rambo medic rule. He complained and called it abuse and started making excuses and tried getting godlike involved in his pathetic excuse game. Soon after Sa4ta started rule breaking by joining vampire, they both got muted and in the end vampire got kicked by godlike for: Disrespect, not following the rules when asked. Vampire was muted by me a few times however i was willing to forgive but he continued on, changing his name also which at one point i renamed him back with his own tags.
The highest member amongst them was wellan, several times i had told him to control the members below his level yet he ignored it by saying "I can't" and "I don't know how".

If this is the way fbi are when they visit other clan servers then sorry to say but you will not be allowed to play at ugc, unless these three are punished then we will let this go.

@ Wellan: Whenever you are in another clan server & you are higher than other clan members, even with no level you can still punish them but outside of that clan server. Do it in you're own server where you have the power to do it, do not allow them to break rules set by another clan leader.

Message from me.
After hearing about what happened i am considering a ban on all fbi members from our server, it seems neither fbi member can follow rules why? they think the rules are the same as their own. When any fbi member visits the ugc server then you will follow our rules & you will respect everyone else INCLUDING our overlords.

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